Terre De L'elu

Thomas Carsin

An agronomic engineer by trade, Thomas spent many of his formative years working in Champagne, California and Provence.

In 2008, he settled down in the Anjou and took over what is now Terre de l’Elu. With 8 grape varieties over 30 plots, covering 25 hectares, one of the particularities of the estate is that their top wines are aged in clay amphorae. Thomas also makes a delicious Chaume. Thomas also ferments and matures his white wines in old barrels with wild yeasts. All production is totally natural and organic with elements of biodynamic viticulture as well. The wines have a depth and rich texture which always leaves the drinker reaching for another glass!

Wine maturing Terre de L'Elu
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Bastingage Terre de l'Elu
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