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Bodegas Terras Gauda

Terras Gauda is notable for owning around 85% of its own vineyards; the remainder of the grapes are provided under strict quality control agreements with local growers. Having this control allows the estate to pick later and more selectively (and over a greater period of time) than most others ensuring greater maturity and higher sugar levels in the grapes. The sheltered aspect of the vineyards surrounded by forest, the proximity to the Mino and to the sea, also promotes ripening. The result is wines that taste exceptionally fresh and bright. What also distinguishes the Terras Gauda is the presence of the indigenous Caiño variety. Although approximately only 15% of the blend, this grape, which is virtually exclusive to Terras Gauda, gives a rich quality to the overall wine. The Caiño vineyards tend to be planted on steep slopes with lots of broken slates; the grape ripens late, but still has acidity and a strong mineral component. The effect is to lift the aromatic citrus nature of the Albariño, giving the wine an irresistible zesty length.