Vin des Potes

Vin Des Potes

Basile and Yoan

Yoan Tavares started life working in a Parisian wine shop and bistro before becoming a sommelier at Michelin starred restaurant La Chassagnette.  Basile Passe spent 10 years working as an IT consultant for a Canadian company before a life changing meeting with Stefano Amerighi in Tuscany. This prompted him to start a career in wine, and it was while working in wine shops that he met Yoan and Le Vin des Potes was born.

Basile and Yoan conceived of the Le Vin des Potes name – ‘mates wine’ – because it captures their ethos of working hand in hand with winemakers and friends whose wine they know and love.  They select parcels of naturally grapes that they can work with and produce small batches, (generally around 5000 bottles) of individualistic wine for that vintage.  Each wine is a one off and may or may not be produced the following year.

Their background in hospitality also helps them style wines which they know will work with top end gastronomy, wines with fantastic balance and acidity, freshness but also a certain depth and intensity.  Their Roses in particular demonstrate this gastronomic style.

Basile Passe

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