Zorik Gharibian started this project after years of research, after choosing to return to his ancestral roots in Armenia, rather than buying a vineyard in Tuscany.

His aim was to revive the deep rooted wine culture which was all but lost with Soviet rule. His 15 hectare estate is 1400 metres up on the slopes of mount Ararat located right next to a 6000 year old winery, supposedly the oldest remains of a winery in the world. Long dry summers, good sunlight, high daytime temperatures, cool nights, soils rocky and rich in limestone, everything you need to make high quality wine. The indigenous vines are grown on ungrafted root stocks as the area is unaffected by Phylloxera. This is an incredible wine project and the wines are delicious. The wines are made using traditional clay pots called Karas, using indigenous grape varieties.

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