Ampeleia Tuscan Wine – Mixed Case – 6 Bottles

Ampeleia Case
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Ampeleia Tuscan Wine – Mixed Case – 6 Bottles.  A half case of beautiful wine from Tuscany.  If there is one word to describe the wines of Ampeleia, it is ‘elegance’.  Many Tuscan Chianti have a rough hewn, overly astringent character to them and it is true that Sangiovese can be a tough grape to tame.  Here, there is only a little Sangiovese in the light and fresh Unlitro red.  Ampeleia is in Maremma, where the climate and soils lend themselves well to the international grapes like Grenache, (called Alicante) Carignan, (Carignano) Merlot, and Cabernet Franc.  So the wines from this estate come mainly from these grapes and are supple, fresh, elegant and absolutely delicious.  Although not Sangiovese, the wines certainly have a distinctive Tuscan warmth to them and for food matching with classic Tuscan dishes, they are superb.

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Is Vegan? Yes
Producer Ampeleia
Country Italy
Region Tuscany, Italy

Ampeleia was born in 2002 from the collaboration and friendship between Elisabetta Foradori, Thomas Widmann and Giovanni Podini.  The estate covers around 30 hecatres in total based on the hillside below the beautiful town of Roccatederighi.

The town is about 500 metres above sea level in the southern part of the Maremma in eastern Tuscany, not far from the coast.  When you visit this place, you understand what the 'real' Tuscany is all about.  It is a stunningly beautiful, quiet and natural environment and one which is perfect for the production of high quality natural wine.

The founders saw Ampeleia as a place where they could not only develop an agricultural project, but also fulfil a common vision relating to shared values and experiences. The vineyards were converted to biodynamic farming in 2009. The land is spread over 3 distinct altitudes, each with different soils which suit the different grapes cultivated.  The main grapes are Alicante (Grenache), Carignano (Carignan) and Trebbiano for white.  However the signature grape and that which excites them the most for its potential in this area is the Cabernet Franc.

The two men behind the winery are Marco Tait and Francesco Pascucci, both have been there since the start with Marco heading up the viticulture and Francesco the commercial side of the business.  Together, they form an impressive team and have driven the project forward with a combined vision which has passion, quality, no compromise and commitment at its heart.

All the wines here are made by respecting the natural processes transforming grapes to wine, aiming for a true expression of the land. The wines are pure and expressive, with delicious acidity to cut through classic Tuscan cuisine. The wines are bottled without fining or filtration, and very little sulphur. Fermentation takes place naturally in amphora, stainless steel and concrete tanks.  There is very little oak used at Ampeleia.  It is incredible to taste Rose from the tank at the winery soon after the end of fermentation with no additions or sulphites and experience such clean freshness in a wine.  The natural balance in these Tuscany wines is so incredible that they are able to age for a long time, even the Rose and white.  We have drunk 10 year old Cabernet Franc which was superb.  

 Despite the challenging climatic changes in the region, the wines at Ampeleia are likely to get better and better as the years go on.  This is still a relatively young project in wine growing terms and with the Biodynamic approach, the incredible vineyard sites and the purity of the environment, the estate is set to go from strength to strength.

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