Barbeito Madeira Single Harvest Tinta Negra 2008 500ml

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Barbeito Madeira Single Harvest Tinta Negra. Aged for a long time using the most traditional and high quality ‘Estufagem’ process called Canteiro: aged without the use of any artificial heat, being stored by the winery in warm lofts and left to age by the heat of the sun.

Is Vegan? Yes
Bottle Size 750ml
Production Method Conventional
Producer Barbeito
Country Portugal
Region Madeira, Portugal
Vintage 2008
Wine Type Port, Sherry and other Fortified Wine
Wine Style Full bodied
Grape Tinta Negra
Alcohol 18.5% abv
Maturation Several years in Canteiro
Ageing Potential Will last almost forever

Barbeito was founded in 1946, and current winemaker Ricardo Diogo de Freitas took over in 1993.

He's been looked upon as a bit of a pioneer - producing single cask bottlings, not colouring with caramel, shipping with sail power etc. In reality, these are just traditional methods that are being revived, and his Madeira is all the better for it. They invest heavily in the production of quality grapes, and all of the heating and ageing takes place in barrels in naturally hot attics, a method known as Canteiro. This is a longer and more costly process than its alternative (known as Estufa, where the process is sped up in heated tanks), but makes all the difference. If you think Madeira is just for cooking with, think again and try these. Not only can you pair them with pretty much anything, but once opened they are pretty much indestructible.



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  1. a nixon


    Returned to buy Barbeito Madeira as a present after sampling a bottle myself last year. It is much more flavourful than labels I have bought in the local supermarkets. Just delicious. And keeps well once the bottle is opened as you would expect from madeira.

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Barbeito Madeira Single Harvest Tinta Negra 2008 500ml