Clos Martin 50YO Single Terroir Bas Armagnac

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Clos Martin 50 Year Old Single Terroir Armagnac, rare, fine and stunning brandy from renowned producer. Bottled as part of the Vieille Reserve range, this outstanding brandy was aged for an incredible 50 years before bottling. Clos Martin Armagnac is a symbol of the tradition and passions of the Gascony region and its people, producers of the world’s finest brandies since 1411. This fine spirit has been distilled exclusively from wines from the region of Bas-Armagnac, which produces elegant, light and fruity Armagnacs. It has been aged for long years in local oaken casks until it is selected and bottled.

Is Vegan? Yes
Bottle Size 700ml
Production Method Conventional
Producer Clos Martin
Country France
Grape Folle Blanche
Alcohol 40% abv
Maturation An incredible 50 years ageing before bottling

Clos Martin Armagnac is produced by M&T, near Nogaro, in the heart of the Bas-Armagnac.

The traditional stills used by Clos Martin's domaines are very small and allow a lot of the heavier, rich vapours to pass over with the heart of the distillate. Therefore Clos Martin’s Armagnacs always have a rich, earthy character and are fine, flavoursome and well-balanced

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Clos Martin 50YO Single Terroir Bas Armagnac