Demeter Certified Mixed Case

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A case of 6 Demeter certified Bioddynamic wines. Many of our producers work using some or all of the principles of biodynamics but do not go for certification. There are many reasons for this and doesn’t mean that their commitment is any less. Biodynamic certification is difficult and requires adherence to a complicated set of criteria so some producers prefer to stick with their own principles and understanding. However, Demeter, the most well known certification body requires strict adherence to all facets of Bio production and so with these wines there is no doubt as to the principles and methods used including all ten biodynamic soil preparations. These are truly low intervention wines and the wine makers believe this production method captures nature’s true expression in the bottle, presenting the best possible wine when it is ready. Biodynamic production offers a unique expression of the terroir and authenticity of the grapes.

Derived from Rudolf Steiner’s teachings about the natural forces around life, and how to work with nature instead of against her, Biodynamics aims to strip back the destructive effects of chemicals used in agriculture, and to find a more sustainable approach to our present day demands on the land and the environment.

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