Emidio Pepe Pasta 500g Pack

Emidio Pepe Pasta
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Emidio Pepe Pasta, naturally made organic Pasta, 3 types, Spaghetti, Penne, Mezzi Paccheri.  For more than 50 years at Emidio Pepe, they have been carrying out an agricultural project that tries to enrich the soils and let themselves be enriched in turn by the enormous vital energy that Nature exudes every day.  They view themselves as having a responsibility to contributing to the biodiversity of the vineyards and the surrounding countryside.

To ensure a substantial return of organic matter to the soils, they have put in place a system of crop rotation of the parcels surrounding the vineyards. The idea is to feed diversity, host multiple crops every year, stimulate the proliferation of indigenous yeasts, inhabit a local fauna, and feed people with foods that are healthy and part of an agriculture project.

With this in mind, Emidio Pepe launched their own dry Emidio Pepe Pasta. As with everything they do, the aim is to produce the best, the highest quality and the most delicious.  This has been achieved with the Pasta as well.  They make the Pasta with the Senatore Cappelli variety, an ancient durum wheat, capable of growing without chemical treatments and extremely resistant to atmospheric agents.  The wheat is planted all around the vineyards, the ears reach two meters in height and have a much lower yield than other types of wheat.  This yields a Pasta of very high nutritional value and quality.  It is quite simply the best dry Pasta you will ever taste.

Is Vegan? Yes
Producer Emidio Pepe

The great wines of Emidio Pepe have become iconic on the international market; older vintages sell for high prices and are highly sort after.

You might say 'rightly so' when you consider the labour of love that has gone into every bottle. The organic grapes are handpicked, sorted and every one pressed by foot, a practice that is very rare nowadays but still produces the softest pressing. The must is then fermented with natural yeast in large cement tanks and aged in cement for 2 years, settling naturally without the addition of sulphur. Emidio Pepe wines are then bottled and sent for ageing in the cellar. They store an incredible 40 vintages in their stunning cellar just outside Torano Nuovo in northern Abruzzo not far from the Marche border. When a bottle is sold, it is lovingly decanted into a fresh bottle by hand (hence there is no need for fining nor filtration), Emidio Pepe wines are all corked by hand and then labelled by hand! Only very rarely is any sulphur used in the production of Pepe wines and yet such is the perfection of natural balance that they age for decades.

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Emidio Pepe Pasta 500g Pack