First Class Dinner Party Case – 6 bottles

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We know our customers like to treat themselves at times, the First Class case does just that. Champagne Resonance, Biodynamic, not too rich, great starter glass. Next, Aligote Sabre, stunning yet surprising Burgundy, crisper than Chardonnay but still beautifully textured white. For your main course, whether it’s red or white meat, Chateau Le Puy is ideal, classy Merlot, the oldest Bioynamic estate in Bordeaux, unique and delicious red wine, decant and let it breathe. Lastly, a far from mundane glass of traditional sherry, off-dry, nutty, complex wine yet easy to understand and amazing, perfect with blue cheese, or just sat around the fire. Lastly, Jurancon Souch for a lighter, more elegant end to your meal, superb.

Average bottle price £33.33, THIS CASE IS FREE DELIVERY.

Is Vegan? Yes

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First Class Dinner Party Case - 6 bottles