Hermitage 1995 Cognac Grande Champagne

Hermitage 1995 Cognac
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Hermitage 1995 Cognac Grande Champagne, a wonderful cognac available for bottling as a replacement for the award-winning 1999 vintage.  The 1995 comes from the same distillery as the 1999 but has aged for a longer period, enabling a greater complexity of flavours.  This is a rich and beautifully finished Cognac fit for a king. This Hermitage 1995 Cognac has delightfully rich aromas of butterscotch, cocoa, cloves and brazil nuts.  The palate is Remarkably mature with flavours of butterscotch, walnuts, biscuits and baked apple peel.  The long finish has mandarin notes, a characteristic of fine old Cognac from the Grand Champagne.

Is Vegan? Yes
Bottle Size 700ml
Producer Hermitage Cognacs
Country France
Region South West, France
Alcohol 43% abv

Hermitage Cognacs offer the finest cognacs available. Thanks to the distillers, cellar masters and families who have perfected these great cognacs over the centuries.

These are not commercial blends. Hermitage Cognacs are individual and unique expressions of liquid that has been slept in casks for generations. Hermitage is the ultimate award-winning collection of fine Cognac. Each cognac is individually chosen to bring pleasure to those who really do understand the finest in the Premier Cru Cognacs. Over 80% of our range comes from the Grande Champagne region. The production is according to tradition with no manipulation.

These cognacs are a brief suspension of time. They allow those fortunate enough to taste them to understand the true greatness of the King of all Spirits.

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Hermitage 1995 Cognac Grande Champagne