La Vuelta Spanish Wine Case – 6 Bottles

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La Vuelta Spanish Wine Case – 6 Bottles.  In some ways, La Vuelta or the Tour of Spain like Spanish wine suffers from being the third most important 3 week tour behind The Tour de France and Giro d’Italia.  It also takes place at the end of the summer when some fans have had enough after the Giro and Tour.  As you can imagine Spain makes some beautiful wine but in terms of quantity, prestige and history, Spanish wines lies a touch behind its near neighbours.  However, Spanish wine like the its three week cycle race can also give the best value for money.  It surprises you more often and you can still find those hidden gems and unknown delights that no longer exist in France and Spain because they have all been discovered.

La Vuelta is also visually a magnificent race.  There are sometimes stages which take you across barren desert like plains which can seem boring but this years race largely avoids the dry arid central regions and instead heads through some stunning mountainous regions.  In terms of wine, the race goes close to if not right through many of the well known DOs.  It does head to the heart of La Rioja with a stage finish in Laguardia after a ride through the vines.  Then the race heads across the northern coastline, through Cantabria, Asturias, and then into Galizia.  These cooler wetter regions are more famous for rain and cider production than wine but even so we have found a few little gems for you in our case which come more or less from these regions.  The race doesn’t go as far as Rias Baixas, home of probably the most famous Spanish white, Albarino, but it does go close to Bierzo where they make some lush, rich red from Mencia.  Then the race heads south and has a stage start near the little DO of Bullas, not far from Alicante.  A trip round the mountains of the south keeps them largely away from the vines until they reach the amazing region of Sherry production.  Finally they head back towards Madrid and the final tough mountain stage goes through the Gredos.  Here you can find some of the best and oldest vines of Garncha in Spain.

So, our La Vuelta case should offer you great value, some surprising and lesser known bottles and above all, a great deal of delicious pleasurable drinking.  Salud!

La Vuelta Case – The Wines


STAGE 4 – Vitoria-Gasteiz – Laguardia – The Heart of La Rioja

4 Caminos Viura 2020 Orange Wine

STAGE 8 – La Pola Llaviana/Pola de Laviana – Colláu Fancuaya. Yernes y Tameza

Albarino Leirana Forjas del Salnes 2022

STAGE 8 – La Pola Llaviana/Pola de Laviana – Colláu Fancuaya. Yernes y Tameza – Not far from Bierzo

Bierzo Mencia Pittacum 2018

STAGE 11 – ElPozo Alimentación – Cabo de Gata – The lesser known region of Bullas

Bullas Ninja de las Uvas La del Terreno 2020

STAGE 16 – Sanlúcar de Barrameda – Tomares – Beautiful salty, dry Sherry

Manzanilla Gabriela Bodegas Sanchez Ayala 375ml

STAGE 20 – Moralzarzal – Puerto de Navacerrada – The Gredos Mountains

El Berrakin Garnacha Daniel Ramos 2020

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La Vuelta Spanish Wine Case – 6 Bottles


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