Lambrusco Rosso Seco Lambroosklyn Koi 2021

Lambrusco Rosso Seco
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Lambrusco Rosso Seco Lambroosklyn Koi 2021, natural Lambrusco, no added sulphites, dry, red, fruity, soft tannins on the palate, extreme drinkability, served chilled and quaff.  Discovered in a fantastic bar in Padova when several glasses were drank far too quickly.  Lambrusco Seco is a dry, frothy red wine.  The Grasparossa variety has quite astringent tannins and can make this wine overly dry.  However, Flavio Restani, owner and wine make at Koi has 60 year old organic vines which produce very low yields and of grapes with ripe tannins.  he also does a much shorter maceration of 2.5-3 days to again avoid too much dry tannin in the wine.  The result is the most delicious, fruit driven Lambrusco ever tasted.

How is it made?  Well dry Lambrusco like this one ferments all the sugar so it finishes with about 12 degrees of alcohol and is totally dry.  The other crucial element of production is how they get the fizz.  Traditional Lambrusco captures the CO2 produced during fermentation in the wine which gives the bubbles.  Typically, this was done using the ‘Ancestrale’ method whereby the fermentation starts in a vat and then the wine is added to the bottle during the ferment where it finishes and the gas is captured.  Flavio does it slightly differently as he feels he can produce a more elegant and less tannic wine this way.  He separates 10% of the unfermented must after the first pressing of the grapes.  The 10% is chilled over the winter and doesn’t ferment.  The remaining 90% is macerated for only about 3 or 4 days and gently pressed, the juice continues to ferment in vats until the sugar is used up.  In the Spring, both fermented wine and unfermented juice (with wild yeast and sugar in it of course) are added to the bottle where a short refermentation takes place to produce the natural  gas et voila!  Natural, delicate dry Lambrusco Rosso.

Is Lambrusco Rosso Seco the next Prosecco?  We like to think so.  Prosecco becomes pretty dull after a few glasses, even the much better Col Fondo styles.  Lambrusco however evolves in bottle, has layers of crunchy red fruits, forest floor and complexity on nose and palate.  It is also crucially dry and red so with any Charcuterie, mature Italian cheeses like Pecorino and even roast meats or Rago, this wine is superb.  It is also pretty good with robust fish dishes, red curries and much more.  Lambrusco is possibly one of the most versatile wines out there.  So give it a try, serve chilled in summer, room temp (but not warm) in winter and drink in all situations.  The next Prosecco, no…. it is something else altogether and something better.

Please note, chill bottle well, open gently over sink, have a glass ready…natural yeast is lively! We wouldn’t want you to waste any.

Is Vegan? Yes
Bottle Size 750ml
Production Method Natural, Organic
Producer Natural Lambrusco - Agrikoi - Flavio Restani
Country Italy
Region Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Vintage 2021
Wine Type Red Wine
Wine Style Medium bodied
Grape Lambrusco Grasparossa
Alcohol 12% abv
Maturation 6 months in bottle
Total Sulphur Below 50 mg/litre
Annual Production 10 - 20,000 bottles
Ageing Potential Drink young
Food Matching Anything and Everything, Charcuterie, Hard Cheese, Red Meat

We discovered this natural Lambrusco wine in a small bar in Padova called Enoteca Severino.  The Lambrusco Rosso was served chilled by the glass and we were struck by its purity, lightness of touch and immense drinkability.  I think we had 4 glasses in 30 minutes and walked out into the sunshine with a big smile on our faces...

Flavio Restani - the owner of Agrikoi worked as wine maker for a larger Lambrusco producer called Farneto for six years before deciding to take the plunge and set up his own farm and winery.  It wasn't easy, he comes from a modest background and had no real financial support.  His Father was a factory worker, although they had a small piece of agricultural land in the family from where his Father always made small batches of natural wine for the family.  Flavio finished his degree in Oenology in 2012 before starting work with Farneto.  He started Agrikoi in 2018 with a small number of rented vineyards.

The vines are spread around the picturesque hills of the Colli Bolognesi and Modenesi.  This is the central belt of Emilia Romagna and the heartland of Emilian farming.  Here the soils and micro-climates create superb conditions for grape growing.   It isn't for nothing that Emilia Romagna is considered the bread basket of Italy.  Flavio has 7 hectares of vines and a few of cereals and sunflowers which he has acquired over the last few years.  The vines of Lambrusco Grasparossa and Trebbiano Modenesi are over 60 years old.  They are located near Modena where the Lambrusco wine originates.  He also grows Pignoletto, Trebbiano di Spagna, Moscato, Montuni and a small amount of Sauvignon Blanc in the hills above Bologna.

Flavio has always believed in natural methods and cites producers like Camillo Donati and Vanni Nizzoli as inspirations.  The vines are certified organic and Flavio has also gone further in his vines.  He purchased the surrounding land planted with other crops to avoid contamination by farmers who use pesticides.  He tells me natural farming is still only a tiny part of the agriculture in his region.  Flavio is a firm believer that the way to produce great wine is to find balance in the vineyard.  When the vine has balance, the wine is always good' he says.

In the cellar, he does very little.  Natural ferments, no finings, no filtration and almost never any sulphites are used.  (He says the wines never really need them.)  Agrikoi natural Lambrusco is the most drinkable and perfectly expressed Lambrusco Seco we have ever tasted.  The rest of the wines are also delicious, complex, a little funky and very gastronomic.  

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Lambrusco Rosso Seco Lambroosklyn Koi 2021