Malvasia Ageno La Stoppa ORANGE WINE 2018

Malvasia Ageno La Stoppa
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Malvasia Ageno La Stoppa ORANGE WINE, biodynamic skin contact wine, rare grapes, wild aromas, delicious fresh yet full bodied mouthfeel.  Amber in colour and aromatically redolent of peach, pear and sweet apricot, this is like an aromatic wine with zip.  Gewurz with the acid of a Riesling, oh and the skin contact.  Malvasia Ageno La Stoppa is delicious crazy stuff, for some stinky cheese, a winner!

Is Vegan? Yes
Bottle Size 750ml
Production Method Biodynamic, Natural, Organic
Producer La Stoppa
Country Italy
Region Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Vintage 2018
Wine Type Orange Wine
Wine Style Medium bodied
Grapes Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, Ortrugo, Trebbiano
Terroir Clay limestone
Alcohol 13% abv
Maturation Stainless steel and French barriques
Total Sulphur Below 50mg/l
Annual Production 0 - 5,000 bottles
Ageing Potential Very good, 10 years or so
Food Matching Curries, Spicy Foods

La Stoppa are an ancient wine estate in Val Trebbiola, not far from the River Trebbia, in the province of Piacenza.

100 years ago, the then owner Ageno, a lawyer of some repute planted Bordeaux varieties and named them after the more illustrious wines of that region, Bordo, Bordo Bianco and Pino. In the 70s the estate was taken over by the Pantaleoni Family and now is run by Elena Pantaleoni according to biodynamic principles. The vines have been replanted and they now produce wines from local varieties such as Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, Barbera and Bonarda, as well as the wines from their ancient vines of Bordeaux varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Semillon. The commitment to natural production, minimal work in the cellar and the excellent terroir yield wines of character, freshness and style which have something of the Bordeaux about them even with the Italian varieties. Perhaps, the 'Terroir' remembers its past and transfuses the history of this magnificent estate into every grape!



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  1. Jo Roberts


    Deep and lush in colour with savoury and complex flavours. A full bodied orange with a satisfying finish.

  2. Adam


    Served this blind at a tasting for a crowd who usually buy from supermarkets and this was most people’s favourite wine.

    Yes, it’s complex and savoury as you might expect from an orange wine with this much skin contact. However, it has this amazing freshness, with a kind of ripe peach and lychee-like lift.

  3. Family O


    An unusual and delicious wine which is fresh and easy to drink. The fermenting process draws out fabulous flavours and the aroma is superb.

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  • Unfilitered
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  • No Added Sulphur
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Malvasia Ageno La Stoppa ORANGE WINE 2018