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MEZAN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.  This distillery produces Rum from freshly crushed Dominican cane.  It is grown in the provinces of San Pedro de Macoris, La Romana, La Altagracia and El Seibo.  The juice is fermented with the company’s own yeasts, and then distilled in their own 5-column continuous still.  The Rum has an Intense nose with vanilla, cinnamon, muscovado sugar notes, coconut, orange blossom and a hint of pepper.  The Mezan Dominican Republic Rum has a rich texture over a softer body and rounded palate with some light oak and warming exotic spices.  A deeply satisfying Rum to be sipped and savoured neat at the end of dinner.

Is Vegan? Yes
Bottle Size 700ml
Producer Mezan Rum
Vintage 2012
Mezan is a limited collection of “Unaltered Rums”: Unsweetened, Uncolored, and Unchill filtered. Aged in casks until they reach their optimal maturity. Mezan rums capture the most complex and original essence of the Caribbean. For centuries, rum production in the Caribbean has prospered in the myriad islands to form a whole palette of aromas and styles unique to each place and distillery. Meticulously selected by the Cellar Master, Mezan Rum captures the depth and diversity of the Caribbean by offering the purest and most authentic flavors. Mezan Rums are aged in Bourbon casks as this type of cask has the least impact on the flavour and therefore results in the most authentic style and reflection of origin. These rums are also double aged, firstly in the tropics and secondly in Europe. European aging is less oxidative and results in less concentration of the harsh alcohols and esters. This gives a more elegant and drinkable style. These Rums are truly delightful, elegant, and so easy to drink, one needs to be mindful of how big the pour is!

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