380 Volts Nestarec Natural Wine
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MILAN NESTAREC DANGER 380 VOLTS, natural wine, razor sharp acidity, a sort of Pet Nat but only very lightly frothy, the character of this wine comes from the acid, it is quite literally electrifying.  Nestarec says… ‘One of our most beloved wines, a salty-citrus-exotic undisgorged sparkler born in 2017. With wonderful energy, as the name suggests. Btw the current 2020 edition could easily be called 400V (the voltage currently running through the grid, my friend electrician told me), given the zippy acidity brought by the vintage…..we’re tasting my second iteration with my wife and it is… freaking awesome! So refreshing, so energetic. Totally fulfilling my wish of capturing the unique young, invigorating energy that wine has during its fermentation.  As we were drinking this electrifying wine, right next to us, no kidding, stood an electric transformer adorned with that notorious “Danger 380V” sign. And bang! The name & label were born in a sec.’

I think this sums up the wine, if you don’t like acid, don’t buy it, if you like wine which grabs you, jump starts your senses and has you turning the music up, this is for you!

Is Vegan? Yes
Bottle Size 750ml
Production Method Natural, Organic
Producer Milan Nestarec
Country Czech Republic
Vintage 2020
Wine Type Pet Nat
Wine Style Medium bodied
Grapes Muller Thurgau, Muscat, Neuburger
Alcohol 11%
Total Sulphur Below 50 mg/litre
Annual Production 0 - 5,000 bottles
Ageing Potential Drink young!
Food Matching Antipasti, Light Dishes and Salads, Shellfish

Milan Nestarec is the second generation of wine makers at this 8 hectare farm in Moravia, in the eastern Czech Republic.

The vineyards are called Slovenské“ in Moravský Žižkov, Zadní hora“ in Velké Bílovice and Vinohrádky all loacted in the Hanacke Slovacko region and the cellar is in Velké Bílovice, (a bit tricky to say all that lot). His Father started the vineyard in 2001 and from the outset, they have farmed naturally and elaborated the wines with indigenous natural yeasts. Milan doesn't filter, fine or use very much sulphur. He is creative and makes wine according to his principles and creativity, not any rules or dogma. He is a member of the 'Autentiste' group - a community of wine makers who strive to express the true character of the land using natural methods. His wines are superb, full of character and drinkability but also style. They have a unique feel about them, maybe because the labels don't give anything away and Czech Republic wine is a rarity, so these bottles feel like something really different and also simply delicious.'We are persuaded that natural methods of wine-growing and fermentation of grapes leads to the best results. Wine making is a craft which requires deep moral commitment. There is no place for falseness and every defect has consequences which we need to deal with afterwards. This work gives us the understanding of what nature is, and if we cannot listen and respect it we end up working against ourselves. Our wine mirrors our region and our point of view, wilful but not arrogant.' Milan Nestarec

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  • Biodynamic
  • Natural Yeast Fermentation
  • Nothing Removed, Nothing Added
  • Hand Harvest
  • Unfined
  • Unfilitered
  • Low Sulphur
  • No Added Sulphur
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