Ragnaud-Sabourin No 10 VSOP Cognac

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Ragnaud-Sabourin No 10 VSOP Cognac, floral and fruity, extra-aged. This is a superb brandy where the average age is a minimum of 10 years (compared with the 4 that VSOP requires by law) from the premier cru Cognac region. Sweet and creamy with notes of custard, apple strudel and marmalade, and spice from the oak to balance. Made on the Ragnaud-Sabourin family’s private Grande Champagne estates (first established in 1850)

Is Vegan? Yes
Bottle Size 700ml
Production Method Conventional
Producer Ragnaud-sabourin
Country France
Alcohol 41% abv
Maturation Aged for 10 years rather than the 4 required by VSOP law

The Ragnaud-Sabourin family owns one of the most prestigious private estates in Grande Champagne and certainly have a grand history.

The estate was established in 1850 by Gaston Briand, one of the first in the region to push for an establishment of recognised crus. In 1941 a split took place in the Ragnaud family, and one brother, Raymond Ragnaud, set off on his own. The other brother, Marcel Ragnaud, went on to develop Ragnaud-Sabourin and establish the house as one of the finest in Cognac. Today, it is run by Annie and her son Olivier. None of their cognacs undergo sweetening or colouring. The number of each in the range illustrates the minimum age of the cognac contained in the bottle. The Sabourin Family continues to bottle some very old cognacs from their reserve cellars.

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Ragnaud-Sabourin No 10 VSOP Cognac