Torabhaig Legacy Single Malt Whisky 2017 70cl – SECOND RELEASE

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Torabhaig Legacy Whisky 2017 Single Malt 70cl, – Well Tempered Peat – a unique and beguiling new Singe Malt Scotch Whisky, from the first new distillery on Skye for 190 years.  Fermented in wooden wash backs, locally sourced spring water and peat, no chill-filtration, aged for 4 years. Limited edition.

Torabhaig is a brand new distillery on the Isle of Skye, the first to be built in 190 years.  It is a project brought to life by Spirits distribution company Marussia Beverages and a real labour of love.  They are aiming to bring a new high quality and authentic Whisky production to the Island. The style of the Whisky is shaped by its environment, with its rugged backdrop, pure spring water and local peat source. The old farmhouse which houses the distillery is a blend of old and new.  They want to capture tradition and yet still focus on quality.

There are 200 years of Whisky making experience in the team alongside a group of young apprentices just starting out on their Whisky making careers. The style of the distillery is called ‘Well Tempered Peat’.  This is a term which aims to capture the many faces and moods of peat smoked Whisky.  Its balance between strength and refinement, elegance and robustness.  Like all distilleries, Torabhaig is a long term project, a testament to patience and time.  The first 10 years of production will yield only a limited supply of Legacy Whiskies.  The 2017 being the first of 4 which will lead up to the 10 year old release in 2027.

Is Vegan? Yes
Bottle Size 700ml
Production Method Conventional
Producer Torabhaig Distillery
Country Scotland
Alcohol 46% abv
Annual Production 0 - 5,000 bottles

Torabhaig Distillery is an innovative whisky producer nestled on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Founded by Mossburn Distillers in 2017, it boasts the honour of being the second legal distillery on the Isle of Skye, with Talisker being the first.

Housed within a 19th-century farmstead, Torabhaig seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary distillation techniques to create their signature style of Scotch with 'well-tempered peat'. This approach aims to strike a harmonious balance between the peaty smokiness and the flavourful depth of their surroundings. Essentially, peat and smoke forms part of the flavour profile, but never dominate it.

Torabhaig's inaugural release, Torabhaig Legacy Series 2017, swiftly earned acclaim for its quality and distinct character, encapsulating the untamed, maritime influences of its island origin. The distillery is deeply committed to environmental sustainability and heritage conservation, marking it as a unique and esteemed entity in the Scottish whisky terrain.

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Torabhaig Legacy Single Malt Whisky 2017 70cl – SECOND RELEASE