Vouvray Sec Peter Hahn Clos de La Meslerie 2021

Vouvray Sec Peter Hahn
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A hearty dinner

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Golden, Honeyed, Textured

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Vouvray Sec Peter Hahn Clos de La Meslerie , biodynamic wine, dry Vouvray, rich, complex, outstanding.  Clos de La Meslerie is simply delicious Chenin Blanc.  Vouvray from Peter Hahn, Clos Meslerie, quite simply, liquid gold.  The wine itself is nothing short of pure gold, every year different, some years drier, some years sweeter, the2017 is virtually no residual sugar with 12% abv so might expect a leaner wine but not a bit of it. The vintage behaved differently and the wild yeasts continued to ferment the wine until the sugar was virtually gone rather than dying off. Every year Peter s wine captures the soul of the Vouvray appellation and the purity, minerality and complexity of the Chenin Blanc.  Salut Monsieur Peter Hahn!!!

Is Vegan? Yes
Bottle Size 750ml
Production Method Biodynamic, Natural, Organic
Producer Clos de la Meslerie Peter Hahn
Country France
Region Loire, France
Vintage 2021
Wine Type Dry White Wine
Wine Style Full bodied
Grape Chenin Blanc
Alcohol 12% abv
Maturation 12 months in old oak barrels, 6 months in bottle
Total Sulphur 62 mg/l
Ageing Potential 10 years
Food Matching Firm White Fish, Poultry, Rich Sauces

Peter Hahn is an American who bought the tired vineyard of Clos de la Meslerie after becoming disenchanted with his world of investment banking in Paris.

He followed his passion and became a vigneron.  From the very start his instincts told him the only way was the natural way. It took several years to bring life back to this tiny 4 hectare estate.  Two decades of conventional farming had sucked the energy from the soil and environment.  Peter had a re-education in Viticulture and Eonology in 2005.  Then after several years of hard graft he eventually created in 2008 the new Clos de la Meslerie Vouvray and with outstanding results.

Peter now has this wine and his terroir in his blood. He is unusual in that he hails from a different world.  But he has found his true home and his his meaningful life working as a farmer in a small village in rural France . His philosophy mirrors everything that we think about wine here at Buon Vino.  He is an inspirational wine maker.

The wine itself is nothing short of pure gold, every year it is different, Some years Le Meslerie is drier, some years sweeter, but always pure and always delicious.  He follows Biodynamic principles and simply allows the wine to be as nature intends each vintage.  This is brave when the market still always looks for consistency. But however his wine turns out, it is always delicious and extremely drinkable.

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