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Sommelier's Choice
Low Sulphite Vegan
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Sottoriva Col Fondo Malibran NV

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Additional Information

Recommended Sommelier's Choice
One Line Description Sottoriva is unique Prosecco, made with the all but lost art of spontaneous refermentation. Unfiltered, therefore slightly cloudy - but utterly moreish and delightful.
Production Method Natural
Country Italy Italian
Region Veneto, Italy
Producer Malibran
Vintage Non Vintage
Wine Type Champagne and Sparkling Wine
Wine Style Light bodied
Grape Blend 100% Prosecco (Glera)
Alcohol 11% abv
Total Sulphur Level 43 mg/l
Maturation A few weeks to settle in bottle before release
Annual Production 5 - 10,000 bottles
Ageing Potential Drink young!
Production Detail Natural viticultural methods using a minimum of treatments, natural spontaneous refermentation in the bottle with indigenous yeast, no fining or filtration.
Natural Features Low Sulphite (Sulphur), Vegan, Cloudy/Totally Unfiltered


Sottoriva is unique Prosecco, made in the nearly lost traditional method of spontaneous re-fermentation in the bottle with no added yeast or sugar. The colour of the wine is unusually cloudy, almost grey. This natural wild colour is the result of a wine which has had nothing removed post fermentation. The dead yeast cells, lees and other solids that colour the wine give it its unique character and honest identity. It is dry, light, delicate in aroma and on the palate. The mousse is light and naturally uplifting. This is wine of pure simple enjoyment and unpretentious drinkability. Allow it to settle in the bottle for an hour before popping the cap but then finish the murky leesy last glass as well as this the soul of the wine and of the Valdobbiadene region. Also available in Magnum form, which is a pretty spectacular way of drinking it.

When the fizzy wine quaffers of the UK got into Prosecco, the producers of the small region in the Veneto must have been dancing with joy. They knew we would put this stuff away and by heck we do! But, there are many faces to Prosecco, all are charming, fresh, youthful and easy but there is good and there is not so good, there artisan and there is very very industrial! Maurizio Favrel is still a young guy and he is now well established as one of the best small produces in the region. He is based in Sussegana at a winery started by his Grandfather Gregorio. He focuses on quality over quantity, making only around 100 000 bottles a year of various Cuvee.


11Reviews For Sottoriva Col Fondo Malibran NV

  1. How good is this wine?


    Wow. How will I ever go back to mass produced Prosecco having had this simply beautifully cloudy bottle at our table. Discovered at Ottolenghi, a case was bought within hours of returning home. How I will save it until Christmas is anyone's guess...let's be honest. I'll be ordering another case soon as I just can't stop sharing it with friends and family. I'm like a proud parent of this charming child.

  2. How good is this wine?

    Hania E08/05/2018

    We tasted this prosecco at Trullo in London and sought out a case straight away. Naturally cloudy, with a delicate, extremely satisfying citrus hit -- I would choose this bottle over many champagnes for a genuinely delicious aperitif. It can hold its own with seafood... and if you were feeling very indulgent it would make a fantastic French 75! This was my first order from Buon Vino. The customer service was excellent, the delivery swift and everything in order (including a 10% case discount). Couldn't ask for more. I just hope the supply doesn't run out!

  3. How good is this wine?


    Prosecco as it should be. Super dry, with great flavour and texture. Nothing like supermarket prosecco!

  4. How good is this wine?


    Sweet, citrusy flavour. Delicious, light and devilishly drinkable

  5. How good is this wine?


    this prosecco will convert anyone and everyone to natural wines...

  6. How good is this wine?


    Nice crisp dry clean tasting Prosecco

  7. How good is this wine?


    I first experienced this prosecco at NOPI. It is such an excellent wine and perhaps a bit too moorish! The service from the BV team is first class and I will be using them for many more wine orders.

  8. How good is this wine?


    It hits all the right taste buds, great for pre dinner drinks and fish. One bottle of this cloudy prosecco is not enough, a must for Christmas and beyond . I love the quirky bottle top !

  9. How good is this wine?


    Brilliant wine. flinty dry with lots of fruity aftertaste .No lightweight ,unusual bottle top.
    serve it blind and most people will think champagne

  10. How good is this wine?

    Donna G03/06/2016

    This is probably my favourite prosecco and I'm over the moon to find it here online as I was having to travel quite a distance to a small Italian shop in London before. Don't let the fact this is cloudy (and therefore different) put you off. It is incredibly smooth to drink, less fizzy than some bottles so you get less of an acidic after taste. But not too sweet either, in fact it is just perfect for a sunny afternoon.

  11. How good is this wine?

    David W24/05/2016

    I love this prosecco, it's dry and moreish but slightly left-field and a good conversation point - makes a great gift for those occasions that don't call for champagne.

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How good is this wine?