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Zero Added Sulphite[ Vegan
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Radikon Oslavje 2011 500ml (Orange Wine)

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Additional Information

One Line Description Radikon Oslavje Orange Wine, biodynamic wine, no added sulphur, outstanding complexity, long skin maceration. This is one of Stanko's wines so long 3-4 month skin contact and ageing in barrel.
Production Method Natural, Organic, Biodynamic
Country Italy Italian
Region Friuli, Italy
Producer Radikon
Vintage 2011
Wine Type Orange Wine
Wine Style Full bodied
Grape Blend Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon, Chardonnay
Alcohol 13% abv
Total Sulphur Level 17 mg/l
Maturation 3 years in large barrels, 1 year in bottle
Annual Production 0 - 5,000 bottles
Ageing Potential Long, long time......
Production Detail Biodynamic, long ageing on skins and in barrels,
Natural Features Zero Added Sulphites (Sulphur), Vegan, Hazy, Unfined


Radikon Oslavje Orange Wine, biodynamic wine, no added sulphur, outstanding complexity, long skin maceration. This is one of Stanko's wines so long 3-4 month skin contact and ageing in barrel. It is a delicious blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc with a deep gold hue and hints of stone fruit and bruised apple on the nose with nuts, savoury elements, ginger, spice and much more. A complex, elegant wine whose perfume, depth, minerality and richness are the perfect embodiment of the Radikon philosophy. We had this with a Risotto made with squid Ink at the Buon Vino Xmas party, the combination was fantastic!

Stanko Radikon is one of the Pioneers of Orange wine in Friuli. Alongside other notables such as Josko Gravner, he started experimenting with skin contact for white grapes in 1995, a technique which was employed by his own Grandfather. Stanko's relentless and innovative pursuit of complexity and natural production put him at odds with many of his contemporaries and the wines took a long time to be understood and established. But Stanko knew he was making magic and he persisted. The skin macerations became longer, up to 3 or 4 months for some wines and he realised there was no real need for sulphur and stopped adding it altogether in 2003. About that time Stanko became fully biodynamic and also pioneered the use of 500ml and 1 litre bottles along with his friend and fellow natural wine maker Edi Kante. The smaller bottles with a narrow neck mimic the slower micro-oxygenation of the magnum format and so allow for much longer ageing of the wines.

Now in his sixties, Stanko has passed on much of the wine making responsibility to his equally intelligent and capable son Sasa who is driving the 11 hectare estate forward with energy and passion. Sasa has developed some earlier drinking cuvee in the standard 750ml bottle, a single varietal Pinot Grigio and a Chardonnay, Tocai blend, Slatnik. These wines have a shorter 12-15 day skin contact and are a fantastic entry point for the wine lovers into the world of Orange. The other wines developed 20 years ago by Stanko are aged in barrels and have very long skin contact and are for long ageing in bottle. We have a few 2006 and these are deep, intense, savoury and structured. They will continue to mature for decades yet incredibly, these wines never cease to retain their freshness.

Stanko Radikon truly is one of the modern wine pioneers and his Iconic bottles are a unqiue drinking experience. Give them a try, they are a unique taste of nature.

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