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Rainwater Reserva Madeira Barbeito 500ml

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One Line Description Rainwater Reserva Madeira Barbeito 500ml, medium dry, caramel, nuts and candied fruit, fresh, perfect aperitif.
Production Method Conventional
Country Portugal Portuguese
Region Madeira, Portugal
Producer Barbeito
Vintage Non Vintage
Wine Type Port, Sherry and other Fortified Wine
Wine Style Medium bodied
Grape Blend 80% Tinta Negra 20& Verdelho
Alcohol 19% abv
Maturation 5 years in French oak casks
Ageing Potential Indefinite, Madeira is pretty indestructable, though is ready for drinking at any time


Rainwater Reserva Madeira Barbeito 500ml, medium dry, caramel, nuts and candied fruit, fresh, perfect aperitif. Made from 80% Tinta Negra, Rainwater Madeira gets its name from the rather romantic story of some madeira casks left out in the rain before shipping, which eventually absorbed into the wood and contributed to the style. This one from Barbeito is aged for 5 years in French oak casks at a stable temperature to produce a medium dry wine with plenty of balancing acid to prevent it from being cloying. Best served at about 12C, will keep for months after opening, as with all Madeiras, due to the fortification and heating process they undergo. Golden colour with aromas of nuts, caramel, dried fruit - perfect served with salted nuts, tapas, olives and cheeses. Ricardo Diogo de Freitas took over the winemaking at the family firm in 1993, and hasn't looked back. He has been the first to install robotic lagares on the island, the first to bottle vineyard specific Tinta Negra, the first to not bottle anything with added caramel, and so the list goes on. Single Cask bottlings, whilst thought of as revolutionary on Madeira, when Ricardo launched the first one (in modern times) in 2003, were really only inspired by the way things were done in older times. Madeira is one of those wines which always has everyone flocking at trade tasting events, we buy loads of bottles, proudly display them on our shelves and talk about them with gusto and really buys them! Why not, Madeira has it all, flavour, freshness, complexity, (extra booze of course) and a myriad of style which mean you can have them with virtually any food going!
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