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Reserve de Gassac Blanc - Buon Vino Natural Wines
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Reserve de Gassac Blanc 2019

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Additional Information

One Line Description Reserve de Gassac Blanc, great value, soft, round Languedoc white
Production Method Conventional
Country France French
Region Languedoc, France
Producer Mas de Daumas Gassac
Vintage 2019
Wine Type Dry White Wine
Wine Style Medium bodied
Grape Blend Viognier, Chardonnay, Chenin, Petit Manseng
Alcohol 12.5% abv
Terroir Deep, well drained soil formed from glacial deposits.
Maturation First in stainless steel then a brief spell in burgundy casks.
Production Detail Organic fertilization and low intervention in the cellar


Reserve de Gassac Blanc, great value, soft, round Languedoc white. A beautifully harmonious Viognier blend with pearfruit aromas and a soft, buttery mouth feel. This exceptional value white Reserve de Gassac from the redoubtable Guibert estate is probably the best bottle of white you could buy for the price. Fresh and sublimely well balanced for a natural wine of £10, it has soft stone fruit and floral aromas with subtle hints of herbs and the Terroir d'Aniane from whence it came. Excellent value, to be drunk with anything at any time, but not too cold. The renowned vineyard is made up of exceptional terroir which drains naturally, surrounded by plenty of other foliage - the fragrances of which are soaked up by the grapes.

The story of Mas de Daumas Gassac is one of vision, enterprise, passion and pride. When the Guiberts first purchased their farm (the mas) in the charming Gassac valley they little realised that they had a particular micro-climate which would give them the potential to make great wines. A visiting professor from Bordeaux, one Henri Enjalbert, identified a particular red soil that was common to certain great estates in the Médoc and Grand Cru Burgundies. Under the thick garrigue scrub and shrubs covering the Arboussas hills, he found some 40 hectares of perfectly drained soil, poor in humus and vegetable matter, rich in mineral oxide. The terroir provides the three elements necessary for a potential Grand Cru: deep soil ensuring the vines’ roots delve deep to seek nourishment; perfectly drained soil ensuring vines’ roots are unaffected by humidity; poor soil meaning that vines have to struggle to survive, an effort which creates exceptionally fine aromas. Rock, scrub and tree clearing began in 1971 and the first vines, principally Cabernet Sauvignon, were planted on the 1.6ha plot. You only have to stand in the vineyards to engage with the subtleties of these wines. The hill is thick with garrigue; strong warm scents of wild herbs imprint themselves in the air; the quality of light is fantastic. The vines are planted in small clearings amongst a myriad of Mediterranean wild plants and herbs: bay, thyme, rosemary, lavender, laburnum, fennel, wild mint, lentisque, strawberry trees which all lend their aromas to the wine. It’s all part of the ‘terroir’ effect, a combination of soil, climate and environment that sets one wine apart from another, sadly an effect that is lost in modern monoculture, where huge areas are cleared of all vegetation except vines. At nightfall, the cold air from the Larzac floods into the Gassac valley, with the result that, even in the height of summer, the vineyards benefit from cool nights and moderate daytime temperatures. The micro-climate is a huge factor in creating the outstanding complexity and finesse of the red wines. Since the beginning, the operation has grown somewhat and they now produce a number of labels and price ranges, but the core ethos remains, and their flagship wines are still referred to as the Grand Cru of the Languedoc, whilst their 'everyday' wines represent outstanding quality for the money. It's for this reason they are one of our favourite estates.


6Reviews For Reserve de Gassac Blanc 2019

  1. How good is this wine?


    The wine arrived promptly, well packed. Would recommend this dry but full-bodied white, as an aperitif or with food. Low in sulphites and headache/insomnia potential if you have a bit too much.

  2. How good is this wine?


    Fragrant and floral spring/summer white. Great as an apero but also with seafood or light poultry.
    Good value

  3. How good is this wine?


    I first came across Reserve de Gassac and the now sadly closed Market Row Wines in Brixton Market. The 2015 was lovely: clean, fresh, and multi-faceted; but a little lacking in body; Dave of Market Row recommended the 2016 which was everything good about the 2015 but with added oomph, depth, richness. I think it's super - a wine I would drink as a treat on a special occasion except that bafflingly enough it's less than £10 a bottle. An everyday luxury.

  4. How good is this wine?


    Love Viognier and particularly love this which has an organic blend of Viognier, Chardonnay, Petit Manseng and Chenin.
    Since discovered that Gassac is known as the "Lafite of the Languedoc."
    I first tasted it at Tom Kerridge's Michelin restaurant the Hand and Flowers and was stunned.
    Have since discovered it's stocked by BA 4* club world and the Ivy so you'll be in good company! I was so impressed I bought 18 bottles.
    Delivery astonishingly fast.

  5. How good is this wine?


    Really well balanced with just the right amount of citrus, floral and acidity. Very good with seafood or simply on its own.

  6. How good is this wine?


    Highly recommended with or without food, a lot of aromas, great nose, long finish! For less than £10

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How good is this wine?