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Reserve de Gassac Rose Mas de Daumas Gassac - Buon Vino Rose Wine
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Reserve de Gassac Rose 2019/20

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Additional Information

One Line Description Reserve de Gassac Rose Mas de Daumas Gassac, Languedoc Rose, Grenache, Syrah and Carignan, dry, subtle, very easy summer drinking
Production Method Conventional
Country France French
Region Languedoc, France
Producer Mas de Daumas Gassac
Vintage 2020
Wine Type Rose Wine
Rose Type Skin Contact Method
Wine Style Light bodied
Grape Blend Grenache, Syrah and Carignan
Alcohol 12% abv
Terroir Deep, well drained soil formed from glacial deposits.
Maturation Stainless steel
Ageing Potential Drink young!
Production Detail Organic fertilization and low intervention in the cellar


Reserve de Gassac Rose Mas de Daumas Gassac, Languedoc Rose, Grenache, Syrah and Carignan, dry, subtle, very easy summer drinking. This little Rose Reserve de Gassac from the redoubtable Guibert estate is a tribute to great value. Fresh and sublimely well balanced for a naturally made wine of under £10, it has subtle red fruit and pink grapefruit aromas with little whiffs of herbs and the Terroir d'Aniane from whence it came. Excellent value, to be drunk with anything at any time, chilled in the garden on a warm evening, it is ideal. The vineyard is made up of exceptional terroir which drains naturally, surrounded by plenty of other foliage - the fragrances of which are soaked up by the grapes to produce a delicious glass of pink.

The story of Mas de Daumas Gassac is one of vision, enterprise, passion and pride. When the Guiberts first purchased their farm (the mas) in the charming Gassac valley they little realised that they had a particular micro-climate which would give them the potential to make great wines. A visiting professor from Bordeaux, one Henri Enjalbert, identified a particular red soil that was common to certain great estates in the Médoc and Grand Cru Burgundies. Under the thick garrigue scrub and shrubs covering the Arboussas hills, he found some 40 hectares of perfectly drained soil, poor in humus and vegetable matter, rich in mineral oxide. The terroir provides the three elements necessary for a potential Grand Cru: deep soil ensuring the vines’ roots delve deep to seek nourishment; perfectly drained soil ensuring vines’ roots are unaffected by humidity; poor soil meaning that vines have to struggle to survive, an effort which creates exceptionally fine aromas. Rock, scrub and tree clearing began in 1971 and the first vines, principally Cabernet Sauvignon, were planted on the 1.6ha plot. You only have to stand in the vineyards to engage with the subtleties of these wines. The hill is thick with garrigue; strong warm scents of wild herbs imprint themselves in the air; the quality of light is fantastic. The vines are planted in small clearings amongst a myriad of Mediterranean wild plants and herbs: bay, thyme, rosemary, lavender, laburnum, fennel, wild mint, lentisque, strawberry trees which all lend their aromas to the wine. It’s all part of the ‘terroir’ effect, a combination of soil, climate and environment that sets one wine apart from another, sadly an effect that is lost in modern monoculture, where huge areas are cleared of all vegetation except vines. At nightfall, the cold air from the Larzac floods into the Gassac valley, with the result that, even in the height of summer, the vineyards benefit from cool nights and moderate daytime temperatures. The micro-climate is a huge factor in creating the outstanding complexity and finesse of the red wines. Since the beginning, the operation has grown somewhat and they now produce a number of labels and price ranges, but the core ethos remains, and their flagship wines are still referred to as the Grand Cru of the Languedoc, whilst their 'everyday' wines represent outstanding quality for the money. It's for this reason they are one of our favourite estates.


11Reviews For Reserve de Gassac Rose 2019/20

  1. How good is this wine?


    Affordable and enjoyable. love a light, dry rose for summertime drinking

  2. How good is this wine?

    Louise 29/07/2020

    Being a big fan of the white we decided to give the rosé a go now it is warm again. Another winner from them! A lot of friends rave about a certain angel but we are quiet happy sticking with this! Half the price as well!

  3. How good is this wine?


    I love this rose - it's dry, but still fruity, light and very quaffable! Perfect for summer and matches many different food flavours

  4. How good is this wine?

    Robert 08/07/2020

    A lovely refreshing rose.

  5. How good is this wine?


    Fantastic Value and Quality wine with very refreshing summer vibes

  6. How good is this wine?


    Perfect for quaffing at this strange time in our lives without the headache too much sweetness in some rose can cause. Partners all light meats and fish really well. Also fabulous on its’ own. I simply love it!.

  7. How good is this wine?

    Finn Meiland30/04/2020

    Really a great rose. Lovely flavours, smooth and of calibre.
    No headache the next morning

  8. How good is this wine?


    A proper southern rose, at home with anchovies, chicken or pork. Easy to over-indulge!

  9. How good is this wine?


    what a find this truely was a treat. So fruity great with cheese and also fish

  10. How good is this wine?


    My wife is so picky with Rose. Can't be too dark, has to be very pale pink, definitely can't be too sweet etc

    I've been experimenting with various wines in the £8 to £16 range with mixed results but she was served a glass of this in, of all places, our local pub and she really liked it. So one case duly ordered and now consumed! And she still likes it and I have been instructed to buy another case.

    So I can recommend this highly, unless you like sweet sickly raspberry coloured roses, in which case this definitely not for you

  11. How good is this wine?

    Mike Hudson26/03/2019

    We bought a bottle of this wine to go with our lunch in Gordon Ramsey's Bread Street Kitchen in London. We liked the wine so much that we bought a case from Buon Vino wines as soon as we got home!
    It is a lovely light Rose wine, easy on the palate, and great to drink either as an aperitif or with food.
    Very reasonably priced at £8.95 a bottle when you buy a dozen.

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How good is this wine?