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Gin as it is today is a distilled spirit where one of the main flavours is Juniper, though in practice, any number of flavours and infusions are found in the Gin category. London Dry Gin is the style we perhaps most commonly associate with Gin, and refers only to the method of re-distilling the spirit with the botanicals, rather than it coming from London per se. Other methods include infusing the flavours after the distillation (such as in sloe or rhubarb gins), or passing the distilling vapours through the botanicals to add flavour. Gins can contain any number of botanicals, though it's common to find around 7, and therefore can be complimented by different mixers or garnishes. Gin can be easily mass produced, but good quality Gin uses distinctive and carefully selected botanicals to create a smooth and clean Gin that distinguishes it from the big brands. All of our gins are from smaller craft distilleries, many of them local to our shop in Settle on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, which is also just a stone's throw from the Lake District. But we've also found a few other interesting products from further afield which we thought worth a space on our shelves!