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Sommelier's Choice
Low Sulphite Vegan
Dettori Bianco- Buon Vino Orange Wine
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Tenuta Dettori Bianco Romangia 2016 (Orange Wine)

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One Line Description Tenuta Dettori Bianco Romangia Wine, Sardinia, Vermentino, full bodied, 'Selvaggio', rich, heady dried fruits, herbs, spices and a touch of tannic grip, a delicious glass of pure Italian wine.
Production Method Natural, Organic, Biodynamic
Country Italy Italian
Region Sardinia, Italy
Producer Dettori
Vintage 2016
Wine Type Orange Wine
Wine Style Full bodied
Grape Blend 100% Vermntino
Alcohol 15% abv
Terroir Limestone, sandstone, white soils
Total Sulphur Level Below 50mg/l
Maturation concrete
Annual Production 5 - 10,000 bottles
Ageing Potential 10 years plus easy
Production Detail Biodynamic, virtually no added sulphur, no human intervention at all
Natural Features Low Sulphite (Sulphur), Vegan


Tenuta Dettori Bianco Romangia Biodynamic Wine, Orange Wine, Sardinia, Vermentino, full bodied, 'Selvaggio', rich, heady dried fruits, herbs, spices and a touch of tannic grip, a delicious glass of pure Italian wine. The heat of the Badde Nigolosu amphitheatre makes for extreme wines, wines which you need to take your time over. Dettori Bianco is such a wine, 15% abv, full bodied, intervowen spices, dried fruits, notes of salty minerals, dried apricot, earthiness and mushroom. This is a complex orange wine, for slow roasted shoulder of Pork,
or maybe some very strong Sardinian cheeses like Pecorino or even Casu Marzu (if you can stomach it!)

“I do not follow the market; I make wines that please me, wine of my own local area, wines of Sennori. They are what they have to be and not what you want them to be.” 1996 – Natural Winegrowers In Sardinia

These are the sentiments of true wine growers, true believers and Dettori wines are nothing if not true. Based in the north in the historical region of Romangia, a geographical area within Logudoro, which in the Sard language means “luogo dorato,” or golden place, since it is considered to be Sardinia’s most fertile area, as well as rich and vibrant historically and socially. Romangia lies between Porto Torres, Sassari, and Castelsardo, facing the Gulf of Asinara. Here Dettori have been making natural wine for generations using the local grapes Vermentino, Cannonau and Moscato as well as lesser known rare grapes like Monica and Pascale. Their top wines come from Badde Nigolosu which is their Cru vineyard, a natural amphitheatre on the highest hills around Sennori’s Town. Here the grapes achieve exceptional ripeness and complexity and go to produce profound red and skin contact white wines which intensity depth and style.


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    Good wine, well priced. Resembles more of a full bodied dry white than an orange wine (less yeasty) but still has beautiful golden colour. Very easy to drink, best with food - vegtables, fish and lighter meats (chicken, turkey, pork).

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