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Zero Added Sulphite[ Vegan
Beru Deci Dela - Buon Vino Biodynamic Wines
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One Line Description SPECIAL 2016 LIMITED EDITION - DECI DELA by ATHENAIS DE BERU VDF BOURGOGNE "DECI DELA" AMPHORA PINOT GRIS, natural production, wow factor style , flavour and unique provenance, a true labour of love for a dedicated and very talented wine maker.
Production Method Natural, Organic
Country France French
Region Burgundy, France
Producer Chateau de Beru
Vintage 2017
Wine Type Orange Wine
Wine Style Medium bodied
Grape Blend 100% Pinot Gris
Alcohol 12% abv
Terroir Kimmeridgien clay and limestone
Total Sulphur Level Below 50mg/l
Maturation Old oak barrels
Annual Production 0 - 5,000 bottles
Ageing Potential 5 - 8 years, amazing wine now
Production Detail Natural production, no added sulphur, fermented and aged in Amphora with skin contact
Natural Features Zero Added Sulphites (Sulphur), Vegan, Unfined, Funky Aromas, Unfiltered


DECI DELA by ATHENAIS DE BERU VDF BOURGOGNE "DECI DELA" AMPHORA PINOT GRIS, natural production, wow factor style , flavour and unique provenance, a true labour of love for a dedicated and very talented wine maker. This Pinot Gris made from fruit sourced from the northern most part of the Chablis district near Auxerre is truly a magnificent example of skin contact wine production. The colour is wild and vibrant, almost deep Rose but with that slightly hazy hue that no filtration and skin contact gives you. The nose is superb floral, yeasty, fruity, some pink grapefruit and then quince, and some stone fruits, the texture is beautiful; and the length of finish, satisfyingly long with tons of freshness. A wine that tasted blind could be a Radikon but which has something of Athenais's feminine touch. From a personal standpoint, the wines at the Chateau de Beru by this creative and dynamic wine maker are some of my favourite in the world and her efforts in 2016 have been rewarded with another range of delicious and hedonistic bottles. Such was the success of this stunning wine in 2016 that Athenais has continued the production into 217, whey hey!

2016 was a very frustrating year for many wine producers including Athenais de Beru from Chablis. Within a single dark cold night in April, she lost the entire 2016 vintage from an unforgivable frost. Frost is common in Burgundy, especially in Chablis, but this time it was the worst they had ever seen! However, bubbly and stubborn Athenais always has the last say and the frost was not going to stop her from making wine! She jumped into her old car and hit the road towards the warmth of the South of France in search of hopes, new energies and above all healthy grapes from her friends the wine producers. As she gets further South, she comes across Domaine Milan's healthy vines and beautiful grapes, among some other wine producers and becomes obsessed with them, she wants to make her own wine from this magnificent fruit. Henri kindly sells her superb Grenache from the Vallon vineyard, Carolin and Nikolaus from Enfants Sauvages in Fitou supply her with some amazing Carignan and Syrah and some good friends in Beaujolais let her have a few bunches of prize Gamay. She loads the harvests one by one into a refrigerated van to safely transport them back to Chablis. She is happy to have some fruit and determined to bring back these beautiful sunny grapes to her cellar to produce a unique 2016 vintage called "Deci Dela" (meaning from here and there). This vintage is born out of the solidarity between the natural wine producing community and Athenais's fantastic wine making skills! Every bottle of wine will whisper a generous message of hope, energy and triumph in the face of adversity! Enjoy! We're down to the last few bottles, so get them while you can!

Chateau de Beru is a 400 year old domaine hosting some of the best terroir in Chablis. It is a magnificent estate, full of grandeur and history. The ornate rooms are filled with paintings and furniture that date back centuries. Staying there is like stepping back in time to pre-revolutionary France with 4 poster beds and stunning views across the walled vineyards and hills of Burgundy. For centuries the potential of the beautiful 17th century estate went unrealised until in the 1980s Count Eric de Beru, fuelled by his passion for wine replanted the vines including the unique walled vineyard, Clos Beru! When he became ill the vineyards were rented and the grapes sold to the cooperative until in 2004 his daughter Athenais took over and revolutionised the estate, finally realising its great potential. After a visit to Argentina and an encounter with coffee farmers using biodynamics to produce their beans, she returned home and despite some resistance convinced her parents that the future of their wine lay in biodynamic production. Athenais has been working the 15 hectares of vines with biodynamic methods since 2008 and since then the quality and purity of the wines has soared. She is blessed with fabulous Chablis terroir, calcareous-clay soils of the Kimmeridgien era (notably with deposits of fossilised oysters dating back 150 million years ago) at 300 metres above sea level. Only using natural methods including horse rather than tractors, can this hallowed ground be protected and maintained. The wines are pure and alive and marry intensity with immense finesse. Athénaïs has also joined the 'Femmes et Vins de Bourgogne' (Women and Wines of Burgundy) an association set up to enable talented female wine makers - who are unfortunately still scarce in Burgundy - to share their experience and passion.

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