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Vegan Wine

Conventionally produced wine is not a natural product and is usually manipulated to taste and appear a certain way. Part of this process is fining and filtration, and this is where animal products are commonly used to clarify the wine. Fining is the process by which substances are added to the wine to bind the unwanted particles and make them easier to remove, by either allowing the clumps to settle or by filtering them out. Examples of fining agents include bentonite, egg albumen, gelatine and isinglass. Bentonite is a (usually calcium or sodium based) clay which brings excess proteins to the surface of the wine, allowing them to be removed easily. Egg albumen comes from the whites of eggs, and isinglass is a protein found in fish bladders. These all allow the smaller colloids to be collected, that would normally pass through a filter, or would take a long time to settle. Filtration is the physical process by which the wine (which may or may not have been subjected to a fining agent) passes through a filter in order to remove the sediment. Many natural winemakers believe that these processes remove some of the vital characteristics of the wine, as many of these also soften flavour and can take out some of the compounds which will allow a wine to develop over time. A large selection of our wines will either be completely unfined, in which case they may appear cloudy, or they undergo some light filtration, avoiding the use of animal derivatives. So in order to qualify as a vegan wine, it must be either unfined or fined with a product not derived from animals like Bentonite. This section contains a large number of wines which are Vegan as they are either unfined or fined with a non animal based product. Browse our range below.